The Perfect Provider Remixes EP

Enabl.ed_The Perfect Provider Remixes EP

Enabl.ed has given his original track to six artists to remix and this is the end result - The Perfect Provider Remixes EP.

The EP opens with the MuSsCk mix; a beautiful, other-worldly track that seems to shimmer for a moment before melting back into silence. From that silence emerges James Thompson’s Nimh mix; this track builds in subtle layers of slithering shuffles, well-timed one shot samples and growing growls of a bass line fit to worry any speakers. Digital tones and bouncing beats usher in the Sk’p mix and another new direction, reminiscent of a twisted chip-tune. But there is another layer here too, a darker vein running underneath the 8-bit smiles. A. Delarge’s Im_perf.ec7 mix then arrives with a burst of digital discharge and mangled beats – before giving way to swooning, spacious pads and micro edit drill n bass. The up tempo stutter-step drill n bass continues into Andy Wheddon & Friends’ Looking Good mix, where trademark start-stop bursts of manic rhythm play teasingly with micro edits and fly-by glitches. A final change in tempo plays us out of the EP with XZICD’s mix reduced down to a digital heartbeat. The soundscape of white noise blisters and bursts with organic, analogue voices and whispered ghost conversations – we are definitely not alone here.

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