Never Odd Or Even

Bozu_Never Odd Or Even

Never Odd Or Even' is the Concrete Plastic debut for North London-based producer Bozu. This is an EP of two halves, which brilliantly showcases his split musical personality.

Up first are a trio of tracks filled with bright, arpeggiated synths and huge, swaggering beats. These tunes have a kind of confident brashness that would not seem out of place in State-side urban music; cruising palm-lined Californian boulevards with the top down and the volume up. Bozu's distinctive melodies shimmer playfully throughout, bringing a nostalgia for 90's games consoles, but there are also moments of delicate beauty that betray a more emotional side to his music.

The next three tracks are a more introspective affair. Whilst the music still bears Bozu's trademark production style, the road trip is definitely over. The glittering melodies of the first half give way to warped vocals weaving a soul-searching message through swirling synths and murky sub bass. Bozu may give us hints of a West Coast sound on the first three tracks, but it's his London roots that are showing through the electronic melancholia here.

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