Memontum EP

exm_Memontum EP

Jeroen Bax, aka exm, makes his Concrete Plastic debut with the sublime Memontum EP.

The Memontum EP opens with ‘Comb inc. 2011’, a track that only just manages to stay upright as it drunkenly trips over it’s own beats and melodies. But through a finely tuned ear and a skilful balance, this track has just the right amount of structure to find it’s way home through the crackling percussion and shining melodies which ripple and occasionally break the surface en route. Next up and the child-like opening of ‘Node a’ belies a darker underbelly as exm throws the listener into an uneasy, restless dream-scape. However, floating above the sinister bass tones and spluttering beats is a beautiful, shimmering track that develops in layers of mercurial synth sounds and marble percussion.Then into calmer territory for ‘DiM’ as we get deeper into the psychedelic world that exm inhabits. The layers of tones here could be from deep underground in some extraterrestrial cave system. The opening ambience gradually builds into a wall of sound before melting away into digital interference. Finally we reach the heartland of this strange world and ‘Radiation’ reveals the core of what exm's music is all about; beautifully simple electronic beats, vast cavernous spaces and layer upon layer of beautiful sounds emerging from the darkness to take flight within the spaces he creates. Gliding across the surface is a beautiful melody that is guaranteed to float you down stream to the departure lounge.

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