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New release from Stuchka Vkarmanye

Things I think whilst looking at clouds, is Stuchka Vkarmanye's first ep for Concrete Plastic. To sum up, it's a pure retro-futurist escape from a world seeming chock full of ever-complex electronic music and the daily grind. He opts for a lesser number of components to bring his ideas to the fore, relying on often quizzical, perplexing tones and chords. The thought processes behind it are anything but simple...

Cat Food is first up, serving up a bowl of tasty meaty chunks of raw synths, underpinned with vintage beatbox rhythms, with hints of Plaid or the lighter side of Dopplereffekt. Mumpf opts for a stacatto style arrangement that tells a quirky tale - brief anecdote to tie the padding tracks. Idan.satan.rahm.spinat, is not as it seems, if you are to go with the title of this track. Finishing on Manon which has a nostalgic radiophonics feel, with its educational tv string arrangement, you could well be back at primary school, about to watch a documentary about Sulphur, on Betamax.


01. Cat Food
02. Mumpf
03. Idan.satan.rahm.spinat
04. Manon