Stuchka Vkarmanye

Stuchka Vkarmanye
Artist info:

Stuchka Vkarmanye is Eliad Wagner. Musician, composer and programmer. Born and raised in Israel.

Eliad started his musical career in 2000 with the new-wave/electro group Sophya, releasing an album for Metropolis Records (US) and Paindamonium Records (DE). After a year of doing that, he decided to focus on his own music so he left the band and started developing is own approach to electronic sound based music, mainly on analogue electronic instruments and improvised wiring of various sorts. These efforts resulted in a debut album alongside friend and musical partner, Bloke (Yaniv Navot) that was released in 2003 on the Berliner label Digital Kranky. 

In 2004 he founded with Yaniv Navot (in Israel) the label ±g6pd records in order to allow releasing of electronic music that did not stand a chance, at the time, getting proper exposure. 
Early that year his first solo album called I Love Mummy was released on ±g6pd records and was sold out a few months after. In the years that followed he obtained a B.A in physics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem while performing all over Europe and Israel in concert venues, clubs and festivals as well as various events with a political agenda (in order to promote awareness of the evolving political and social situation in Israel and its effect on culture and music especially).

In 2008 he released 2 ep's under the moniker Fava Beats (together with Bloke). His musical work combines analogue electronic sound with computer programming. All that, wrapped with beautiful childish naiveness, gained him many enthusiastic supporters, beautiful worldwide reviews and a known status of one of the most brilliant acts in the Israeli electronic music today.