Artist info:

James Roberts, aka Lungwah, is one of those artists whose style is hard to pin down but never fails to impress. Refusing to be pidgeon-holed, Lungwah's sound takes in influences from the best of electronic music and makes it his own; hip-hop, electro, techno, acid, hardcore, dark ambient and abstract beats are all present and correct, but with that certain Lungwah twist. The subtle use of distortions and a clear understanding of all things psychadelic all add, in no small measure, to that twist.

Based in Bethesda, North Wales, James was instrumental in setting up the excellent Warm Data label back in 2008 with whome he has some fine releases under his belt and he now joins his childhood friends Dez Williams and Ian Heywood as part of a growing Welsh connection here at CP - and we are very happy to have him on board.

Lungwah on Soundcloud

Lungwah on Warm Data