Ian Heywood

Ian Heywood
Artist info:

Originally from North Wales, Ian is a rarity amongst electronic music producers in that he was neither classically trained nor influenced by an esoteric parental record collection, and he was definitely not into electro first time around.

While studying in Manchester he began making music in his spare time using a short attention span and an interest in pretty much anything with a plug attached. A resident at the Ghettoblast electronic music events since 2002, Ian also oversees the running of the Hippocamp net label, which has been distributing DRM-free music from producers all over the globe since its inception in 2001. Other projects include a forthcoming CD/DVD release in collaboration with a video artist for the Cocosolidciti label.

Ian is currently based in Oxford where he analyses radio waves from deep space for a living. Dislikes include writing his own biographies and referring to himself in the third person.

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