Andy Wheddon & Friends

Andy Wheddon & Friends
Artist info:

Andy Wheddon is an electronic musician, a sound designer and an audio artist. He is an integral part of the Concrete Plastic team and he co-runs the label from his home studio in rural Pembrokeshire.

Andy uses homemade electronic instruments combined with field recordings, synthesisers and computers to create his music. His sound is organic; drum 'n' bass beats are deconstructed into decaying textures - there are faint echoes of blues and jazz and a musical tip-of-the-hat to Musique Concrète.

Andy has collaborated with many notable artists, musicians and institutions over the years: from the English musical maverick Ron Geesin, to contemporary digital instrument  designers Soniccouture, from glass artists and entomologists to the creators of Ableton Live 9; Andy's unique sound continues to grace new and exciting projects.

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