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Concrete Plastic regulars Blixaboy and exm lend their remixing skills to a track each from the current Bozu EP 'Never Odd or Even'. more
Bozu debuts his release, Never Odd Or Even on Concrete Plastic. more
A rare outing from one of CP's very own. Steve Hyland, aka Normal was invited to submit a track from his archives to bill on the Touched LP. He appears alongside some stalwarts of the electronic music scene, both new and old, such as Future sound of London, Plaid & Si Begg. more

We are delighted to announce that London-based producer Bozu will be releasing an EP with us in the new year.

'Never Odd Or Even' is a six tracker that perfectly reflects Bozu's split musical personality and with stunning artwork provided by Intercity, it will be a treat for the eyes as well as the ears.


CP gets cozy with Ableton and Soniccouture.


Blixaboy's latest offering comes in the form of a new long-player, Futro City.

Andy Wheddon will be playing a live set at Brighton's foremost eclectic electronic music night, The Spirit of Gravity. more

Himuro Yoshiteru - a true master of finely sculpted electronica and beat wizardry - is to release an EP on Concrete Plastic at the end of the month.

The 'Jyuryoku EP' is set for a Feb 27th release date and we're very excited about it too. Check out the preview mix to find out why!

Blixaboy debuts for CP

The latest to join the ranks of CP artists is Wanz Dover, aka Blixaboy.

Blixaboy gig coming up

In celebration of Blixaboy's debut release on CP, a party is being thrown in aid of it. If you're in the locality of Dallas, Texas this weekend, head to Bryan Street Tavern to get your rocks off!

We hope you had a cracking festive season and we look forward to an exciting 2012. more
Lungwah coming to CP!
The excellent Lungwah is releasing an EP on Concrete Plastic. more
Free exm promo track!

To celebrate the debut EP from exm we are delighted to be able to give you the awesome CDE BCD for free!

This track is a real showcase of exm's talents, combining his trademark alien soundscapes with some heavy bass lines and twisted beats. Download it now exclusively from our Soundcloud page.

Enabl.ed remix EP

Coming Soon! Enabl.ed is back with another brace of releases this summer, starting with an EP of remixes.

New Dez Williams EP
We are delighted to announce the release of 'Spinechiller EP' from Dez Williams. more
In anticipation of the forthcoming 'Spinechiller EP' from Dez Williams, we are very happy to be able to offer you this excellent free promo track - 'Deepforts'. more
To celebrate the release of the wonderful 'DIPS33 EP' and because Halloween is just around the corner, Enabl.ed has kindly given us a free track to pass onto you, dear listener. more
Debut EP from Enabl.ed
A gleaming release from Jimmy Batista, also known as Enabl.ed. 6 tracks of intelligent IDM form Dips33 EP in his debut for CP records. Soaring synths and melodic drama and micro-edits; it's all there. more
Rootsix is releasing a two tracker named Whiskgo EP on underground Dutch label, Mnemonic Records. Pre-release date is 30.09.2010 on Savage. The official release date is later in the month on other digital distributors.
Andy Wheddon (AW&F) and Si Mills (Rootsix) will be joining forces and heading for London Town to play at ILL FM @ THE OTHERS on 2nd September. For those who can't make it or prefer their sounds with a nice cuppa tea and slippers, the whole night will be broadcast live on more
Hopping over the English Channel this weekend, Andy show-cased some of his new material (a taster of what's to come perhaps?)...
Video for Cat Food
From Stuchka Vkarmanye comes this cute little video for the first track of the EP, Things I think of whilst looking at clouds more
Things I think whilst looking at clouds, is Stuchka Vkarmanye's first ep for Concrete Plastic. To sum up, it's a pure retro-futurist escape from a world seeming chock full of ever-complex electronic music and the daily grind. He opts for a lesser number of components to bring his ideas to the fore, relying on often quizzical, perplexing tones and chords. The thought processes behind it are anything but simple... more
CP artist Yard has released a remix album titled DFPRMX. Take his critically aclaimed 2007 album, Deciduous Flood Plains, get some cool artists to remix each track, put it all together and you get a tip-top compilation. Details below... more
Insect music goes live
The National Museum Wales showcases Andy Wheddon's handiwork and gentle abuse of insects. more
Stunning debut 6 track EP release from Brighton based Andy Wheddon & Friends.
New CP site is here!
Well after much scratching, poking and twitching we've finally managed to drag the new site from our desktops to yours. We hope you enjoy the improvements, the changes may appear subtle but there has been an awful lot of tinkering which we hope makes using the site a pleasure. Any problems, or indeed feedback, just email us at CP HQ. more